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Following redundancy I made the decision that I didn’t want to be an employee working for someone else any more.  This wasn’t an easy decision but something that had been in the background for a while.  I have lots of entrepreneurial friends on social media, and in ‘real’ life and had often sat thinking to myself wow how have they done that and more importantly how can I do it.

With my experience from my career in retail and management and my passion for seeing others grow in their working role I have decided to launch a business to combine the two and help independent retailers.  So, I want to do this right, time to make a business plan. Right now I am about half way through this process.  It hasn’t been easy and there are parts of it I have really struggled with but I’ve made a start and that’s what matters.

But over the last couple of days I have had real doubts……………

Do I feel like an expert right now?  Do I have anything to say that people will want to listen to?  Do I actually know anything that will be of benefit to anyone? 

The answer right now is that there is a voice in my head that is saying NO, NO and NO!  I have recently heard about something called imposter syndrome and on some levels I think this is what I’m experiencing right now.  What did I actually achieve in my career, I was just lucky and we were in the right place at the right time and that’s why the stores were successful.  Because of this I feel that someone is going to find out that I’m a fraud and expose me for that.  This is despite the fact that I know that I was good at my job and the things I achieved with the teams I worked with prove this still that little voice is saying ‘who do you think you are’

What can you do if that little voice is creeping in and taking over?  Stop and reflect on what you have done and achieved. Make yourself a list of the things you have achieved so far, personally too not just career or business related. We all have different strengths so don’t be ashamed to seek advice or support with the areas your not sure about, asking for help is not a sign of weakness!

So this morning it’s time to reflect on the things I have done both career related and personally and show myself that with determination and hard work I can achieve my goals and I am good enough………….and I will finish that business plan!!

So I’m going to remind myself daily………….….believe you can and your halfway there.