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How many times in a year do you buy gifts for people? Did you know that on average UK adults buy gifts for 11 people, friends or family, every year.  How do you decide what the perfect gift to give is?  With so many occasions to buy for too, where should you even start? Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Valentines, thank you gifts and gifts to say you care.

There is also so much choice both on line and on the high street, what do you consider when making the perfect purchase?  Is it price, choice, ease, time, there are so many things that can be considered.  Do you want a gift that can be delivered to your door or even the recipients door, all beautifully wrapped and ready to give.  Do you like to give novelty gifts that will bring a smile or give something that will create a beautiful memory. 

What about time to shop, we all live such busy lives with endless demands on our time in a world which never stops.  How do you find the time to shop for the perfect gift?  Is it a mad dash around the shops on your lunch break or after work.  Do you spend your evening surfing the internet looking for gifts at the last minute (I am definitely guilty of this one!!).  Or are you lucky enough to be one of those organised creatures who has a gift draw or cupboard full of gifts ready to give, I have never been good at this, either forgetting I have bought them or even where I had put them.

What about gift cards?  Do you ever choose these as an option, readily available, even at the supermarket checkout.  Allowing the receiver to use on an item of their choice.  But did you know that there are millions wasted each year on unused gift cards?  I’ve done it myself, received a gift card, popped it in my purse and forgotten it was there, so easy to do and such a shame.

I think I love buying gifts for people as much as I enjoy receiving them, whatever the occasion.  I love the excitement of creating a special experience that will brighten someones day.  I like to give gifts that are thoughtful and not just bought off the shelf. It is all about the little touches for me too, the wrapping the bows the sparkly sprinkles.

Right now I am working on an exciting project around the gifting experience and would love to know your thoughts.  If you have a couple of minutes please leave a comment, and share your gift buying tips.  Your help with this is much appreciated.  And I am so excited to bring you a brand new and exciting unique gift buying experience very soon.

So for now happy gift buying and if your looking to give the gift of a moment please visit