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Do you like to have a chat?

Is the art of conversation dying?

Is it something you even think about? 

Now don’t get me wrong I am as guilty as the next person of sitting with my nose buried in my phone or iPad, letting the world pass me by and not even noticing what’s happening around me.  And yes if you took a look in my lounge in the evening you would see us all scrolling social media or searching the internet for this and that…….but I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the last few days!

I spent last weekend in the company of a group of friends away on a camping trip and it was interesting to sit in the evening and watch the group, there were times when people were busy on there phones, posting, sharing and updating social media, texting hime.  Then there were times where we sat and talked and laughed (there was a lot of laughter) and shared, I came away from that weekend knowing every single one of those ladies better than I did at the start of the weekend.

We learn so much when we talk to people not just about them but about us too.  Having worked in a customer facing role for most of my working career I have been lucky enough to have some amazing conversations with people.  People don’t just talk about the purchases they are making but about themselves and their lives.  I’ve learnt about peoples careers and families, holidays and difficulties they make be experiencing.  Each of those conversations has had an impact on me made me grateful for what I have and brightened my day.

There was a story on breakfast telly this morning about Uber launching a mute button on their app for people who don’t want to talk to the driver on their journey. I think this is quite sad.  Sometimes we don’t feel we want to talk because we have so much going on in our minds and lives.  But then sometimes it’s good to switch off from all that stuff and just have a chat!

From now on I’m going to make an effort when I’m in company to put my phone down and talk to the people I am with……..feel free to remind me of this if you’re with me an my nose is buried in my phone!!