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Customer service seems to be a hot topic at the moment and I’ve read a couple of interesting and very different thoughts on it in the last couple of days. With a lot being said about the interactions between staff and customers.   You can have the perfect product or service, a website or a shop that looks beautiful, but what do you have if you don’t have one of the real basics of good service?

So what is this one simple thing that we can all do?

Smile, it costs nothing, lights up your face and is contagious.  Science says that smiling induces the same response in our brain as exercising, our brain has the feel good factor and tells us to smile, we smile and tell our brain we feel good………and just think no running shoes or workout gear needed for a smile!!

There is also research that says smiling stimulates the brains reward mechanisms in a way that even chocolate cannot match…… I think I need to do some further research into this, if anyone wants to help just bring chocolate!!

So why do we not always get a smile when we are out shopping?  Having worked in retail for a long time I know how hard the job is and there is a lot of ‘stuff’ that the customer doesn’t see, however that is not an excuse.  I remember a saying that was pinned to our notie board in the staff room – teeth make smiles, smiles make sales.  Now that sounds quite crude but it’s so true.  I have always tried to encourage a positive working environment with the teams I have worked with.  Offering encouragement and praise and reward not just for sales performance but also general attitude and positivity.  Let’s face it we all like to be told we are doing a good job and you will always get more from people who are valued by you and the business.

I also think as customers we need to remember that a smile from us can make the difference to the person serving us too.  How often are you so busy when you are at the till in a store, on your phone or just busy thinking about other things that we don’t even notice the person who is serving us?

My challenge to you today whether you are the customer or serving a customer remember you are never fully dressed without a smile.