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I once heard someone say that being on the sales floor in a store is like stepping out onto the stage.  You need to put on the performance of your life.  In some respects I agree and have always encouraged the teams I work with to know that there is always someone there to listen to them and offer advice when needed so they can bring the best of themselves to the floor.  However it is also important that the person the customer sees on the shop floor is the real you.  After all people really do buy people.

I have worked with teams full of very different characters, the out and out sales person who can talk to people so effortlessly and naturally and as the saying goes could sell ice to an Eskimo!!  Those that are quietly confident and go about there day smiling and just being there not being pushy or in your face just on hand to help when needed.  Then there are also those who can only be described as ‘the rabbit in the headlights’ when those shop doors open and the customers start to flow in.  For me there has always been a place for all these people in my teams because our customers will also fall into a variety of different character types too.

Having been lucky enough to work with a really mixed team of all the above characters we have created a great blend and a good customer experience.  By having a good blend of these characters in your team you can create great lessons for everyone. As they learn from each others character traits and in time bring out the best in each other. 

I also believe that as much as knowledge is power enthusiasm is the key.  It is important to feel confident about what you are saying and if your don’t be scared to say to the customer that your not sure but your going to find someone that knows the answer.  This way you can stay and listen too and next time you will have the knowledge.  Nobody can know everything and as long as you are prepared to always learn and to be you, then when it comes to serving your customers you won’t go far wrong.

Have you ever been into a store and been bombarded from the minute you walk in by someone trying to sell, sell, sell? How does that make you feel? For me this is my ultimate nightmare and makes me want to get out of there as fast as I can. Other people will love this for the fact they can get in get what they need without having to hunt for it and get out and on with the rest of their day. What about the store that you walk into and nobody even seems to notice that you are their? Does that leave you cold and feeling invisible? How do we create the perfect balance to ensure we are giving our best to each and every customer?

Next time your in your favourite stores or just out shopping have a look at the service you see or receive and think about how it makes you feel.  If you are a retailer think about the service impact you want to create for your customers and whether what you are doing is actually reflecting that?

For me the key things to remember are that everyone is different, you can always learn something new and people really do buy people!