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Do you run an online business and have you ever considered taking it into the real world space?

Pop-ups originated as a trend in LA in the late 90’s and have proved to be a huge success for small, medium and large businesses alike.  It is a great way to create a real life experience for your business, an opportunity to test the market with new products or to broaden your customer base.  A chance to build real world relationships with customers and to see and feel their reaction to your business or products.

So let’s delve a little deeper and think about WHY you should consider a pop up:

Build real world relationships with your customers – imagine brining your online business into a real world space.  What better way to engage with and gain a deeper knowledge of your customers that through face to face engagement.  And remember this works both ways as it is a chance for them to really see and feel your brand in person not just through a web page.  Your customers will leave with a better understanding of the ethos of your brand and possible have had a chance to experience products they may never have considered in the online space.

Be in the right place at the right time – picture linking your pop-up to a particular event, connecting your brand to moments that people will remember. This could be anything from connecting to an anniversary within your business, celebrating it’s 1st birthday for example, or linking your pop-up to a national event.  Does your business have a theme that has a connection to a type of location?  The possibilities are endless.

Test the market – a pop-up is a great way to gain feedback from the market and to see if your idea has potential.  It’s a great way of testing a new product or idea or even a new location with minimised risk and costs.

Creating an experience – a great way to raise your brand profile, more and more brands are utilising temporary space to really push at the boundaries that currently exist in traditional retail and in doing so create unforgettable experiences for their customer.

It’s important to know before considering a pop-up what it is you want it to achieve for your business, are you just looking to get your brand out there and raise it’s profile or are you hoping to gain huge sales from the experience.  Do your research and consider whether the outlay is worth the return, a pop-up doesn’t need to cost thousands to do but it could be the thing that pushes your business to new levels.